DoTerra Essential Oils.

When I was opened up to energetics and natural methods of healing during my Shiatsu training I became aware of Essential Oils and I brought them and used them occasionally but often my bottles sat on the shelf without being really utilised and I had no understanding of their deeply therapeutic use until I came across doTERRA oils much more recently. When I smelt them I instantly understood that they could be transformative and effective. I had never partnered with a product or another company until I met doTERRA.  Their  commitment to fair, responsible, sustainable sourcing, their pursuit of purity through their 5 level testing system and their many, many humanitarian projects around the world made it very easy for me to align with them and I am  having such fun sharing how this pure plant medicine can support us on so many levels. 

Tell me more about essential oils

I have always used self shiatsu, movement practices, herbs and diet to support my wellness but in the last few years doTERRA has become a crucial aspect of my wellbeing. I use the oils to lift or calm my mood, to help me focus, for immune support, to aid digestion, sleep and hormonal balance. They are key allies for me around the house, used in cleaning, in drinks and for skin care. The OnGuard toothpaste, the probiotics and nutritional supplements are essential to my wellbeing. I could go on - so if you are interested to know more I would be happy to have a one to one session with you or welcome you to one of my free monthly introduction sessions.

Having an account with doTERRA means access to wholesale prices on all their products, being able to easily support their charitable Healing Hands foundation  and be supporting growers all around the world while using products that are powerful and pure.

If you buy these Essential Oils through me you will have access to my support and free Zoom sessions with me to educate you in using your oils. You will also have access to our wonderful Essential Empowerment Community where there is so much education available via weekly zoom calls, emails, a private Facebook group and a website.

It is inspiring, empowering and gives all the support and information you need to enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

Having an account is an empowering way to shop and it does not require you to do a minimum spend or order regularly although you can do that if you choose!

To ask a question, or for me to help you get set up, please use this contact form:

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Ready to go?

If you are ready to start with doTerra Essential Oils, you can go through the process of opening an account with this link:

Becoming a wholesale customer costs £24 and you can buy just one oil but the most cost effective option is to buy a kit. Then the oils are reduced in price as you are buying a few oils together and the £24 is included in the kit cost.

The Home Essentials kit is the most popular place to start and has 80% of your home needs covered. I will support you to use the oils to upgrade your life.

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