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Introduction to Shiatsu 

Near Penzance

Sunday April 21st 2024

One of the many things I love about Shiatsu is that we can train for three years to be qualified to work as a practitioner but in a day we can also learn effective and simple techniques to give to our friends and family. This workshop is mainly practical and you will leave with an understanding of the basic principles of Shiatsu and the ability to give an enjoyable back treatment. 

£80 including soup for lunch.


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A Weekend of Shiatsu and The Fire Element

Near Penzance

June 15th & 16th 2024

The Five Element theory, together with Yin and Yang, provides the basis of many Chinese systems and is one of the main pillars of East Asian medicine. 

Over this weekend we will learn the theory of the meridians which relate to the Fire Element and learn how to treat them with Shiatsu. We will also explore self shiatsu through acupressure, relevant movement, meridian stretches and chi gong.

The Seasonal wisdom of this phase and how we can support and balance the Fire element within us on all four levels (physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual) is valuable wisdom and easily learnt and applied.

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Accessibility notice - 

Some of the places I teach and practice are accessible and some aren’t. If you are interested in receiving Shiatsu or learning with me but need to know if the venue will be suitable, please do get in touch.