Shiatsu is a complementary bodywork therapy that originated in Japan and it follows the same principles of Acupuncture but needles are not used. Our mental, physical, emotional and spiritual levels are seen as a connected whole and that life energy, or Qi, flows through the body in pathways called meridians. Symptoms occur when the energy stops flowing freely. Holding, pressing and stretching techniques are sensitively applied to specific parts of the body to rebalance and revitalise the Qi flow.


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People come to Shiatsu for a wide variety of reasons including back pain, headaches, joint pain, digestive problems, insomnia, depression, stress, menstrual issues and hormonal imbalances. It is also used to promote healthy pregnancy and ease childbirth. 

Shiatsu is deeply relaxing and this can allow the body’s natural healing abilities to be released. 

People remain fully clothed during treatments which takes place on a padded mat at floor level or in a chair if lying on the floor is unsuitable. 

A single session of Shiatsu is enjoyable and beneficial however for chronic conditions Shiatsu will be more effective if received regularly for a minimum of 3 to 8 treatments and of course the number of sessions required to change energetic patterns varies depending on the person. Many people come monthly for a preventative treatment (and because it feels so good to be touched in this supportive, non- judgemental way that encourages us to stay more in touch with ourselves). 

Shiatsu-Do means The Way of Shiatsu and I am deeply grateful I came across this healing art in my twenties. It is a way of being and informs everything I do. I love to share the self help techniques from this wonderful medicine with my clients, whether that is teaching them a movement exercise, guiding them to eating in a way which is more supportive for them or showing a Tsubo (the Shiatsu name for the acupoints) to massage at home.  



Chysauster (near Penzance) - Tuesday, Thursday, Friday

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Roselidden (near Helston) - Wednesdays

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All sessions take an hour, apart from the first, which takes an hour and a half as I will want to talk with you about what you want from Shiatsu, your medical history and various lifestyle questions to know how to treat you most effectively.
Please wear loose, warm, layered comfortable clothing.

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I just wanted to say how incredible I found the treatment yesterday. The shoulder is easier for sure but also I was just very relaxed and unstressed in such a deep and forgotten way that has made me realise a few things about my current situation and path over the last couple of years. 
I am 
very grateful for your skills, thank you".
'Support & Healing'
"So appreciate your support and healing and feel extremely lucky to have you in my life”
'So Affirming'
“Your sensing and reading my body is so affirming – it felt like person centred counselling through the body” 
'Every Point'
"Every point you pressed seemed to reveal a story about my life”

'An inspiring Teacher'

“Kate embodies the benefits of living with joy and passion. An inspiring teacher and a profoundly good therapist”

Ginger Compress

A ginger compress is a home remedy used in Japan and Macrobiotics to give warmth and increase circulation. The combination of heat and ginger penetrates deeply into the body and can be very helpful for softening many types of chronic or acute pain.
Towels soaked in a hot ginger infusion are placed onto the back and kidney area (or an area of chronic injury). The heat is deeply relaxing, opening up the body, moving tension and stiffness and allows you to rest and heal. 
This is a powerful and nurturing treatment to receive, especially during the winter months.
I can treat two people at a time so if you want to share this experience please think about booking with a friend.
I am also happy to run small workshops if you wanted to gather a few friends to learn how to give this treatment…
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Shiatsu for Pregnancy and Labour support

Shiatsu is both appropriate and highly effective for promoting a healthy pregnancy and birth, it is totally safe and highly beneficial to receive throughout pregnancy. It helps to maintain good posture and muscle tone, helps provide relief from common ailments such as back ache, swelling, constipation, morning sickness and heartburn, etc. It provides a space to relax and a great opportunity to strengthen the bond with your baby.
Shiatsu is also a wonderful support for labour providing some natural pain relief and is effective for enhancing the process. It can support the labouring mother to do what she needs to do, helping her stay calm and in touch with her body. It is effective for easing tension, treating fatigue and helps address physical and emotional issues as they arise. The touch shiatsu provides can be reassuring and empower women to feel supported and safe.
I am experienced in this field, having taken Doula training with Michel Odent, studied with Ray Ridolfi, Susanne Franzen, Mayan and Western midwives and Active Birth teachers. Kate has treated many women throughout pregnancy and labour and is passionate about using Shiatsu to promote healthy, empowered pregnancy and birth.
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Although supervision is not a mandatory requirement for Shiatsu practitioners it is highly recommended and can be a very valuable support. I offer a supportive space where self reflection and a different view points; both clinical and energetic, can be explored.

“I really enjoy my supervision sessions with Kate. I gain so much from her confidence and experience. She is very supportive, and challenging when necessary. She helps me gain further insight into my clients, as well as helping me to support myself as a therapist.”
- Amy


I teach locally, nationally and internationally and love how simple shiatsu can be taught as effective self care or we can spend a lifetime of learning as a practitioner. I enjoy teaching both simple everyday shiatsu techniques to anyone at grass root level and more in depth clinical work.

“Kate embodies the benefits of living w ith joy and passion. An inspiring teacher and a profoundly good therapist”


About me.

I began studying Shiatsu in 1989 at The British School of Shiatsu-Do in London and have earnt my living from Shiatsu ever since graduating three years later. I love that my work is not only enjoyable but also something that has a meaningful impact on people’s lives. 

Although my hands know what they are doing I also feel I know so little which brings the satisfaction of every shiatsu being unique and the lifelong path of studentship and constant learning is a joy. I am currently studying Aroma Point Therapy (using pure Essential Oils on the acupressure points) with Tiffany Carole Pollard and Joseph Carter. 

I am Principal of The BSS-Do and teach in my local community, online, nationally and internationally. I have worked quite extensively with women’s health and a current area of work is supporting women with Shiatsu to ease the challenges that can arise during the menopausal phases.

I welcome people to my practice regardless of their gender, race, ability, religion and sexuality. I wish to create safety for those who work with me because learning and healing will occur in those safe spaces. I acknowledge my own background of racial and socioeconomic privilege and regularly check in with my unconscious bias. I receive regular supervision and am also reflective about my practice and enjoy plenty of peer support. If you wish to have a conversation with me around these issues I am always willing to do that.

FwSS, DipBSS, BA Hons

I am a Certified Institute of Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

I have previously been an Assessor for The Shiatsu Society UK, Chair of The Assessment Board and a Newsletter Editor.

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